Wednesday, February 6, 2013

               We all know, that in our present days, we are in an environment having such a thing that is incapable for early eras. Which we understand now is that, as time goes by, we are seeing high quality technologies. The best example is now known as Computers.

              Computer, as wikipedia defines it, it is a device capable of doing things which man thought to be exceeded them to reality. As it starts in simple application in mathematical arithmetics and logistics then now it is considered to be an object working with human kind. It had been so much help, it made our lives easier and done things accurately. Which so advantages means also a lot of disadvantages, which is explained now yet people don't think about it just done what they want it to be and to think on for future modernism.

             The reality now is that, computer had been with man since they created it, it did helped a lot thinking that it had made chance to people who are indeed in pity for lack of intelligence. Greater knowledge had been produced, a lot of things changes, and that mind's best friends makes it possible, possible for all things for now.

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