Wednesday, February 6, 2013

               We all know, that in our present days, we are in an environment having such a thing that is incapable for early eras. Which we understand now is that, as time goes by, we are seeing high quality technologies. The best example is now known as Computers.

              Computer, as wikipedia defines it, it is a device capable of doing things which man thought to be exceeded them to reality. As it starts in simple application in mathematical arithmetics and logistics then now it is considered to be an object working with human kind. It had been so much help, it made our lives easier and done things accurately. Which so advantages means also a lot of disadvantages, which is explained now yet people don't think about it just done what they want it to be and to think on for future modernism.

             The reality now is that, computer had been with man since they created it, it did helped a lot thinking that it had made chance to people who are indeed in pity for lack of intelligence. Greater knowledge had been produced, a lot of things changes, and that mind's best friends makes it possible, possible for all things for now.
Gadget Review:

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

While the dual analog design will never happen, the revision of the PSP does bring a number of improvements owners hoped would come along. Unfortunately the number of problems, especially concerning the TV Out option, forces this into a die-hard fan purchase only. Smaller and lighter can’t make up a mountain of other concerns.
The weight is the obvious improvement from the moment you hold this hardware. It’s more comfortable to hold, and the slimmer size contributes too. A new smooth coating that protects the console from scratches is another immediately apparent improvement. Likewise, the screen is more resistant to damage, though this is the only screen change.
Instead of a spring-loaded tray, the UMD door is manually opened. The discs slide in flush with the back of the tray. It’s easy to load, though not always easy to remove them without the popping action of old. The outer frame of the hardware has been changed to a cheaper feeling plastic instead of metal.
WLAN users will find the switch at the top of the console, and the Memory Stick slot has a far larger, sturdier door higher than its original position. The power switch requires a higher motion to turn on and off to prevent accidental hits. Speakers are moved to an actually logical position on the front next to the screen.
Buttons are firmer, though they bring a loud click when used. The plastic analog nub feels cheaper, although it is tighter to better simulate a true analog stick. Fighting game fans will appreciate the D-pad, making games such as DarkStalkers and Street Fighter playable. Improvements continue with raised function buttons, including start and select.
USB charging has been added to the menu screen, along with the option to cache the UMD to speed loading. These are the only new options to the XMB menu aside from the new TV connection options.
With the TV out feature, things begin to fall apart. It must be noted that unless your TV supports component video and 480p, you cannot play games. You can watch UMD movies, play with the menu, or watch your own videos, but you will not be able to play games. You’ll receive a small error message letting you know. There is no way around this.
Using the decent length cable results in a thick connector attaching to the bottom of the console directly underneath the analog nub. It creates an awkward distraction and uncomfortable feel. The connection point should have been on top of the system, not the bottom. Likewise, this port replaces the headset slot of old; all headsets you’ve purchased for the PSP are unable to be used.
Assuming you have the proper equipment, you would think the problems have passed. Far from it. Games outputting from the PSP are only playable in their native resolution, 480 x 272. Unless you have found a magical TV that supports this resolution natively, games will play in a small box in the center of your screen surrounded by black. The higher the native resolution of your set, the smaller the picture.
UMD movies and the XMB menu fill the screen without a problem. It’s a shock to try a movie (which are of surprisingly solid quality) and then find the games filling only a portion of the screen. According to our Sony PR representative, “There are no plans to change this at this point.”
Further problems include the cheaper battery cover. Not only is it harder to get on and off, the battery never locks into its tray. Popping the cover results in the battery dropping out instead of staying in place. The Memory Card slot is also tougher to access.
On the button side, the square button doesn’t have the pop of the others, and feels softer. The UMD tray is louder when loading, and light yet noticeable vibration can be felt when it’s working. The screen remains the same, resulting in the same low refresh rate that causes an unacceptable amount of blurring when dark objects scroll across the screen.

Aside from the new size, the true selling point of this hardware change is broken. The TV out causes more problems and doesn’t add any real convenience. It’s not worth upgrading to this new PSP unless the weight of the old hardware is overbearing to you.
Review ASOP song:
''Purihin ka ng aking luha''

Composer: Gerwin Villa
Interpreter:  Jayson Fernandez
December Song of the Month

May mga bagay akong gustong sabihin
Na ‘di kayang bigkasin
Nais na lamang sa luha’y isaysay

Sapagkat bawat patak ng luha ko sa’Yo’y mahalaga
Alam kong nakikita Mo sila

Bayaang purihin Ka ng aking luha
Sambahin Ka sa gitna ng aking dusa
At sa gitna man ng unos at bagyo
May pagluhang magpapasalamat ako sa’Yo

May dakilang tuwa, nadarama sa puso
Na ‘di batid ng iba
Ngunit sa luha ay sasaysayin ko sa’Yo

Sapagkat bawat patak ng luha ko sa’Yo’y mahalaga
Alam kong binibilang Mo sila


Alam kong papawiin Mo
At papahirin Mo ang mga luha ko
Sa pangako Mong paraiso
Ang tuwa ay nasa lahat ng dako

REPEAT CHORUS except “…sa’Yo”


Bayaang purihin Ka ng aking luha (Magpapasalamat)
Sambahin Ka sa gitna ng aking dusa (Magpakailanman)
At sa gitna man ng unos at bagyo
May pagluhang magpapasalamat ako… sa’Yo

Same as you say ''praise Him with all your Best.'' That best will pursuit you to God's mercy. I'm not preachin but say, this song will acknowledge everyone to love God with all thy heart, with all thy might and with all thy soul. This means, give your bests just for God.

Praise You with my Tears is equal to Love God. One way for you to tear is by praying. It's true. A pray from a whole hearted person cannot refuse to cry. A cry while praying means humbleness and forsaking your transgressions to forgiveness. So let say, may we praise You with our tears. But in fact, I liked this song at the first moment in time I heard this. This rock! Hehe..

But keep in mind, tearing is the only thing we can praise for. Sing for Him is one. But that song must be praiseful and must pertain holyness.

Realizing this song will lead you to cry. Just as its title. Like this and may you acknowledge by this to compose praise songs or watch ASOP, a song of praise music festival.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just One Day (the Movie)


When I'm in childhood, maybe a ten years old naughty boy. I've been encourage to watch "Just One Day," starring Kuya Daniel Razon, the most believable "Kuya" I've ever known. I first seen Kuya in television when me and my parents joined the Church of God preached by Brother Eliseo F. Soriano as well as Kuya Daniel. I know that the two of them were spiritually guided by God so I did believed them.

Lets go back about the movie. As I've waited to watch the movie, I am so excited that Kuya is the protagonist of that movie. I have been watching the movie with my brethren in the church, the venue is in Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City. Yes! I watched the movie in a theater type place inside the tanghalan. a cinema itself. I acknowledge you to watch the movie "Isang Araw Lang," this movie is for all.

Just One Day, started when Kuya is with his partner Johnny. The two of them worked together as for their jobs to help others(not exactly Johnny does this help but Kuya). Kuya Daniel is the jeepney driver while Johnnuy is something like sidekick(all around yet called "barker" of the driver). Kuya himself need to do the job to help others exactly especially the kids he has. Those kids are the ones lets him to do his will, something like to live with. Some of the kids are abandoned, lived in the streets or homeless kids(street children), no permanent belongings just themselves. But Kuya takes all the responsibility to keep them safe, letting them to go to school, give them food everyday, make there dreams come true and to be someone in the near future. This is the only known goal of Kuya but to think that Kuya is not only for the children but for others.

The pre-antagonist is Ka Rene, the one who something eats "karne"(flesh). He does his rebellious means to Kuya for the keep-safe of his evil wills to the other jeepney drivers. The place where the jeepney terminal is in the hands of Kuya admissions but Ka Rene wants to take the place pushing Kuya to be the leader of the jeepney drivers. But Kuya disagreed. The jeepney driver's hope is with Kuya himself.

Then one day, having the thought to help. Kuya reminds of the child he met, the snatcher boy that embarrass Johnny so much of his naughtiness. The kid's intentions to the will of temptation is to keep his sister alive from the evil protagonist commanded by Congressman. In this case, something happened between the kid and the leader he is with that his sister and the other kids are being sold to foreigners in somewhere place. Kuya take the responsibility to help. The time goes by, succession of saving the kids are being processed by Kuya's company(I forgot, Kuya is an retired soldier and knows of something like combat and is also best friend of a police officer, starring "Emilio Aguinaldo").

To help the kids of Kuya, he proposed a fund raising program to help the Itas, he thinks of that how? Because many friend of him(or not) has debt to him and also, the problem is, he is only a renter on Lola's house(owner of the apartment Kuya lives in with Johnny). Kuya made a resolve, he sold his old belongings(even new) just to have money and he does his job everyday with Johnny.

The two thinks of how to make the program happen, Amy and Arnie. Them ask Congressman to have something to help, after the conversation with the Congressman, they ask also Kuya to accept the help of the Congressman. Kuya agreed yet he has the feeling of something will happen.

The day came, when Kuya's little girl came to an emergency because of a disease she is bearing. There will be an operation for the girl but Kuya again has not much money left, Kuya knows something that God will never leave them. The operation came in hand when Congressman enter to that sick girl. Kuya and Johnny knows that happening, so they came in the hospital to check the, yet the room seem to be noisy. Kuya berged in, then the room is filled with media and Congressman is saying something of to be proud yet Kuya stopped the moment of the Congressman. This momentum is for sure to be reality. Kuya has his rights to keep his kid live, he has said to the Congressman that his doing are not of good. Congressman pissed by Kuya, and something off to Kuya that his might is for sure to help the little girl. But Kuya said, "gumawa ka naman ng mabuti at hindi pakitang tao, Kahit Isang Araw Lang." Then Congressman is totally pissed, then said, "pagsisihan mo 'to Daniel!" then came out of the room. After that, Kuya acknowledged the little girl that she will be cured just believe in Him.

Another day, Kuya after a conversation with Emilio Aguinaldo, Johnny was bullied and washed out, then too, Kuya had been tortured by the Leader of the kid's illegal snatching in with the relation of the Congressman. Kuya has nothing to do but say something of spiritually yet literally, it pissed of the Congressman's company. then Emilio Aguinaldo came and helped Kuya to take off action. That day, Congressman does his action to kill Kuya, but his aggression killed himself that he had been shot by Emilio, he ask for help for him not to be killed, Emilio punched him to be asleep, Kuya has mercy with the Congressman.

Lastly, the yesterday's worst happenings resolved by the help of Kuya. Then a feast of glory happened, eat there and happiness there. Kuya's rang, after the laughed stop, then answering the phone and said, "daniel! bakit hindi ka pa tumakbo?" then said Kuya, "po? a . . e". The end, the voice in the phone was Brother Eli Soriano.